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The traditional way of purchasing supplies is holding your practice back
disorganized dental supply
Disorganized supply management with no visibility

Most practices have a hard time accurately tracking product preferences, orders and spend across multiple distributors and specialty vendors.

fair dental pricing
Getting fair and consistent pricing is a challenge

Practices pay very different prices for the same products because pricing is not transparent and changes often. Most practices spend too much.

manual dental ordering
Manual ordering leads to expensive mistakes

Manually creating purchase lists and calling or texting to place orders leads to wrong product orders, incorrect quantities, and overspending.

The traditional ordering process impacts your profitability

Independent and small group dental practices don’t have the dedicated staff or order volume to get the best customer service and pricing.

Traditional ordering leads to missed savings opportunities, backorder headaches and frequent returns.

Traditional vs. Centralized Ordering
Profitability over time
Example: Three-location group in New Jersey
Example: Three-location group in New Jersey
It's time for a change

What does a new approach look like?

How we do it
Visibility and Ordering in One Place
Visibility and Ordering in One Place

Manage all your inventory, preferred products, and orders in one place. Track shipments, handle returns, and manage spending.

Expert Product Specialists and Support
Expert Product Specialists and Support

Access the expertise and data-driven recommendations of our product specialist team. Use our two-way messaging—practices love it!

Industry-Leading Prices
Industry-Leading Prices

Benefit from large-scale buying power to receive exclusive prices on your same high-quality products from authorized vendors.

dental case study
See how it works
Learn how Torch helped a New York-based dental practice
Why dental practices use torch
Dr. Clark - Owner of two practices

I would put in orders over the phone, in-person and online from 4-5 different vendors. On Torch it’s so easy, I order all in one place.

Dr. Meriem - General Practice Owner

After I found out the group next door was spending 5% of collections on supplies and I was at 8%, I spent a lot of time comparing products and negotiating prices. Now, with Torch I know I can find great products at the best value.

Jennifer - Lead Dental Assistant

Torch allows me to see how much I’m spending and see all my invoices in one place for all my products. Keeping track of all of my spend and invoices used to be a mess.

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